Luke Ward

12 Weird Measurements You’ve Never Heard Of

Do you know how many Smoots there are in the Harvard Bridge? How many double-deckers in the latest sinkhole incident? Do you know what we measure with ‘slugs’, or what the name is for the smallest detectable move a computer mouse can make? Find out here!

6 Hidden Facts & Tips To Help You Win Fortnite

If you haven't been hooked into Fortnite yet, you may soon be. It can be hard to get into a new game, or even get good at one you've already been playing! These tips will help you quickly improve your skills in Fortnite and come out on top!

8 Places We’ve Seen Lost’s Apollo Bar

Throughout the 6 years we watched and discussed ABC’s LOST, one of the many mysteries revolved around a nutty, chocolate candy bar called ‘Apollo’. Today we’re going to look at 8 different places we’ve seen Lost’s Apollo chocolate bar.

16 Lucky Facts About Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day has come to be one of the best drinking holidays of the year! While this holiday wasn't popularized by Ireland, Saint Patrick himself isn't even an Irishman. Even so, the history behind this mysterious saint is fascinating. Find out where he was actually from, and loads more!

30 Facts About Crows That’ll Have You Caw-ing For More

To many, crows are an annoying bird that won't shut up. But there's so much more to them! Crows are an interesting and clever animal that you could spend years learning about. But to start out, you can find out plenty of facts about them by reading this list.

Smoking’s Effect On The Environment [Infographic]

In this infographic, we delve further into the different ways in which smoking has an effect on the environment. You’ve probably never really thought much about, but it is a problem that doesn’t usually get a lot attention.

The Sleep Habits of Your Favorite Animals [Infographic]

For humans, we all tend to get our 40 winks pretty similarly, aiming for the recommended 8 hours per night. However, we’re one of the only creatures on Earth to do so. Take a look at sleeping habits across the animal kingdom, you'll soon see just how diverse it is!

30 Interesting Facts About King Henry VIII

You've probably heard of Henry VIII, but there's much more to this strange figure than his abundance of wives. King Henry VIII founded the Anglican Church, married six wives, two of whom were executed, he hunted and jousted, all before the age of 55. But that's not all...

10 Facts About Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Sunshine Coast can be found north of Brisbane and although it doesn’t have a dedicated business district is regarded as quite a large metropolitan area. It's the third largest metropolitan area in Queensland and as such, attracts quite a lot of business folk, as well as a large number of tourists.

30 Surprising Facts About Vans

Considering the company started out very small and had lots of competition, lack of support, and barely enough resources to operate, Vans has proven itself a vanguard of independent entrepreneurship that fairy tales are made of. Here are 30 surprising facts about Vans!

30 Interesting Facts About Adidas

Adidas, the German footwear maker, celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2014, and with close to 70 years of success, there's a whole lot of facts you don't know. Today we're going to explore 30 facts about Adidas that every self-professed sneaker head should know.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Law Infographic

As one of the few industries that is slow on adopting technological advancements, the legal profession unsurprisingly is debating on whether to implement one of the biggest advancements in today's technological age - Artificial Intelligence.