World Record For Paper Plane Flight

A Japanese engineer called Takuo Toda has officially set the world record for the longest flight for a paper airplane, keeping his design in the air for 27.9 seconds. It was made from a single sheet of folded paper with no cuts; his design was 10cm from top to bottom. Takuo Toda is the head […]

The History Of Twister

Did you know the original name of the Twister board game was Pretzel! Well if you want more facts on Twister, you’ve come to the right place! Twister was based on a project that inventor Reyn Guyer was working on, which was a promotion for Johnson’s shoe polish company. Guyer created a polka dot paper […]

Why Are There 18 Holes In Golf?

Why are there eighteen holes in golf? Surely it would make more sense to have twenty holes? Well the truth is about to be revealed… During a conversation of the St. Andrews Club Membership board in 1858, it was determined that a complete game of golf would consist of 18 holes. An older member of […]

Eight Things You Didn’t Know Had Names

Here are eight words I have never heard before; I didn’t even know these things had names! The armhole in clothing is called an armsaye. The indentation at the bottom of some wine bottles is called either the kick or punt which gives added strength to the bottle but lessens its holding capacity. A Ferrule […]

Facts About Barbie

Barbie was born on 9th March 1959 by an American toy company, Mattel, Inc. She sure looks young for doesn’t she!? Barbie dolls are the most well known doll ever produced in doll history and is sold in over 100 countries. It is estimated that two Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world every […]

The Firefox Logo In Space

Here’s a photograph of a variable star V838 Monocerotis, which was taken by the Hubble telescope back in December 2002. It is laid at the edge of our milky way and is really cool! It looks extremely similar to the Firefox logo which leads me to thinking that Mr Stephen Desroches, (who was the graphic […]

Rubik’s Back With A New Puzzle: Rubik’s 360

You all remember the Rubik’s cubes don’t you? Well to this day it remains the world’s fastest-selling toy. Well now there’s a new idea called Rubik’s 360, which hopes to recreate the success of Rubik’s cubes. I never managed to complete the Rubik’s cube and I tried for a very long time, so I’ve got […]

Tennis Scoring System

So you’ve played tennis, or at least watched it on the TV, and you have realized that the scores don’t go up by one point each time. If you’re not familiar with the tennis scoring system then here’s a brief explanation: The first player to win four points wins a game, if a player wins […]

Facts About Keyboards

Here’s some interesting facts about keyboards, not just our standard QWERTY keyboard, but we also look at some of the other types out there. Check out the facts! QWERTY keyboard On a normal QWERTY keyboard, the word ‘Typewriter’ is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the […]