Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated meals in the U.K., we all look forward to it and we’re more than happy to help ourselves to a second helping of turkey or potatoes – but are we aware of how much food we actually eat at Christmas?

We always get so excited at this time of year that we are probably not unaware of what we eat, spend and throw away each year.

Thankfully, this infographic is about to tell you everything you need to know about our favorite Christmas food.

Take a look to find out some interesting world records about pigs in blankets, Christmas puddings and Christmas dinners.

You’ll find out how much we actually eat and throw away at Christmas in the U.K. and you’ll even find some traditional Christmas facts that you can impress your dinner guests with!

In addition to all of that, you’ll also find out the answer to a question that people ask every Christmas, why do so many people dislike Brussels sprouts?

You’ll be surprised to find that it’s not actually their fault!

12 Foods of ChristmasHopefully this festive infographic has got you in the mood for the upcoming Christmas season, and it may even make you think twice about the food that you’re throwing away each year.