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Cards Against Humanity Against Black Friday

Card games have been around for centuries, but what makes Cards Against Humanity so incredibly different? Check out the facts below about this amazing party game.

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. The more twisted and sick the players are, the more of an awkward and despicable experience you’ll have! It’s definitely not a game for the easily offended, so expect to hear crazy, funny and disgusting statements that you’d not hear anywhere else!

Before we look at the game facts, I wanted you all to read truly fascinating story about how CAH have made this article one of the favourites I’ve ever written! So, here we go…

On Black Friday 2013, instead of the game being on sale, it did the exact opposite and raised the price by $5! Incredibly, the game was still the number one selling card game on Amazon that day, and even saw an increase on sales! Originally, they wanted to do a $0.01 coupon off the game, however they always maintained a policy of no deals, offers, sales or discounts ever since the idea was on Kickstarter, so they didn’t want to go back on their own word.

But why did it sell so well at a more expensive price? Well apart from the fact this “deal” was widely shared online, including Twitter, Facebook & the top post on Reddit, people found it funny, and apparently humour sells! Because of the huge press hit they received that day, the day after also saw an increase of sales, which was for the people who found the price increase funny, but didn’t actually want to pay extra.

Fast-forward to Black Friday 2014, instead of increasing the prices again, they removed Cards Against Humanity from being on sale and replaced it with a “Bullsh*t” box, on sale for $6. This box contained “literal feces, from an actual bull,” as the description stated on their site. This was to protest to the Black Friday shopping craziness where shoppers will literally buy anything on sale. This special Black Friday edition of Cards Against Humanity sold over 30,000 copies. Yes, thirty thousand boxes of bull poo was sold! If you don’t believe me, check out the video below of the unboxing of Bullsh*t.

In response to the sales figures, Max Temkin – the CEO of the game tweeted:

“If you buy the poop expecting it to be something else that’s not poop, you’re actually buying a valuable life lesson for $6”

So how did Cards Against Humanity start? What inspired this game and who made it?

There’s many stores you can buy this from across the world, but there’s also a cheap alternative, under the license of Creative Commons, you can create, download & print the cards for free.
Cards Against Humanity was created by a bunch of students from Highland Park High School as a fun party game for a New Year’s Eve. It was mainly developed by eight people, with six part-time developers, as well as friends and family who also played the game with them.

This party game was originally called Hyper-theticals, and instead of placing an answer card down, they simply had to write the funniest response to the question. The name was changed when the pre-written cards were created.

Magic: The Gathering, Charades and Balderdash were the main three games that inspired the creation of Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity was financed through Kickstarter, a site where people with big ideas, ask for help and funding for the project to become reality. The campaign went live on 1st December 2010 and met it’s goal of $4000 in only two weeks! By the time the campaign concluded less than two months later, the project had raised over $15000! Because of the incredible support they received, the creators added an extra fifty cards to the standard box.

CAH was developed for about six months and released in May 2011. After a month, this party game reached the highest ranking card game on Amazon. As time passed, the reputation and popularity of this game increased significantly. Due to its received reputation and prominence, these card decks have widely expanded and continuously developed for the fun of its players. Various expansion packs were made and were extremely popular, they now have over ten different expansions available to the public, as well as another ten limited edition expansion packs.

The rules are simple, one person chooses a black card (a question card) and the other players answer it with a white card (an answer card). The player who most impresses the person asking the question, wins. Any other rules can vary depending on what rules you agree with. I’ve played with several groups who all have their own rules, which makes the game even more enjoyable! The responses don’t always have to be in bad taste, they can simply be complete truth, or completely bizarre. My tactic is to know who you’re playing with, the people who are generally sick minded will like the disgusting answers, whereas the more sensible people would enjoy the funny answers or the ones that speak utter truth.

So, if you’ve not played already, then I seriously suggest you do! You wont regret it.

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