Regular pub quizzers will know that from time to time, those quizmasters like to get all quantifiable with their questions. How many inches in this, how much water in that, or how many x’s can you fit in y.

If you’re lucky enough to have a host who likes to keep things quirky, you might want to keep yourself prepared for one particular area of expertise: the wacky measurement unit.

Do you know how many Smoots there are in the Harvard Bridge? How many double-deckers in the latest sinkhole incident?

Do you know what we measure with “slugs”, or what the name is for the smallest detectable move a computer mouse can make? (Hint: it’s the name of a famous cartoon rodent).

Well, no, and neither does your quizmaster – but he or she is sure to dig it up and question you on it some day soon.

Forewarned is forearmed, so check out this colorful infographic guide to obscure measurement names and you’re sure to win a few extra points at the next big Tuesday-night showdown!

12 Weird Measurements You’ve Never Heard Of Infographic