Jack De Graaf

Interesting Facts About Microsoft’s Xbox One

So 2013 saw the release and battle of the next generation’s consoles. No matter where you’re from it was pretty big news. Big enough to even feature as a theme in South Park‘s brilliant season seventeen three-parter that hurled the console wars into the mix with Game of Thrones and the madness of Black Friday. […]

Facts About The Saturn Hurricane

The hurricane-like storm on Saturn is one of NASA's most compelling factual discoveries about a planet within our solar system to-date. First sighted by the NASA space-craft Cassini, this huge storm on Saturn heavily resembles one of Earth's hurricanes.

10 Facts About the Frustrating Flappy Bird Game

Flappy Bird, a game that mixes incredibly simplistic and equally challenging gameplay, Flappy Bird is nothing if not harsh and addictive. As a player myself, my advice to those of you who have not yet tried it: Don’t…. Just don’t… It was designed by a Vietnamese game-creator called Dong Nguyen. Flappy Bird has as many […]

Facts About the Zebrafish

Zebrafish are tropical freshwater fish that are part of the minnow family. Native to the Himalayan Region, they are naturally found to be shoal fish and tend to live in shallow ponds and standing waters and often the most abundant fish in the waters they inhabit. They are popular aquarium fish as they are robust […]

Mill Ends Park | The Smallest Park in the World

Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, in the median strip of a parkway is Mill Ends Park. This park, according to the Guinness Book of World Records as of 1971, is the smallest park in the world measuring only 452-square inches – that’s only 2 foot across! And co-incidentally, Portland is also home to a 6,000 […]

Dress Up Your Pet Day | January 14

That’s right, folks! National Dress Up Your Pet Day is here so it’s time to dig out your kitty hats and puppy jumpers to make sure your furry little friends are the most glamorous pets on your street today. Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal […]

Facts About Norman Reedus | Daryl Dixon

Whether you know him as Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’, or the squirrel-hunting red-neck Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, the chances are pretty high that at some point you’ve seen Norman Reedus somewhere. Early Life and Family Norman Reedus was born in Hollywood, Florida on 6th January 1969 and was raised in Los Angeles, California. He has […]

Interesting Facts on Tornadoes

Each year about a thousand tornadoes touch down on the ground in America, on average 800 more than any other country in the world! A tornado, also known as a twister, is a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud that extends from a large thunderstorm to touch the ground. They are the fastest winds on Earth and can […]

Leonardo Da Vinci Invented Contact Lenses in 1508!

The idea of a contact lens as a visual aid first started to seem like an amazing idea in 1508. Like many of this time's revolutionary and forwardly-thought ideas it was the intellectual property of inventing boss-man Leonardo Da Vinci.

Interesting Facts on Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid (commonly abbreviated to MGS) is a computer game directed by Hideo Kojima and published in 1998 by Konami and developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. MGS was originally released for the first PlayStation gaming console, and was a massive hit, shipping out more than six million copies worldwide. Due to the commercial […]

Diabolo Facts and World Records

The diabolo is a circus skill, also referred to as a juggling toy, which consists of a spool propelled and manipulated by a player using a length of string attached to two sticks, one held in each hand. The basic act of playing with a diabolo involves making the diabolo spin by dragging the string […]

Interesting Facts About Snooker

Snooker is a game for either two players or two teams which involves the players using cues to pot the colored balls on the table and gain the highest score. The player must use the (white) cue ball to hit, or pot, an object ball into a pocket. The player must do this in a […]