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Zapdos Facts
Luke Ward
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Let’s talk Pokémon! Zapdos has always been my favorite electric Pokémon and always will be.

If you love this legendary bird, you’ll love these 18 electrifying facts about Zapdos!

Zapdos is a dual-type Electric/Flying Legendary Pokémon.

It does not evolve from or to any other Pokémon.

Zapdos is one of the three legendary birds of Kanto, the other two being Articuno and Moltres.

Zapdos is genderless.

When Zapdos is sighted, which is a rare occasion, it’s often during electrical storms.

Zapdos is immune to Ground type attacks.

It is weak against Rock and Ice attacks.

In Generation I, Zapdos was the only dual-type Electric Pokémon, as Magnemite and Magneton did not gain a secondary type until Steel was introduced in Generation II.

Zapdos shares the same species name with Elekid and Electabuzz. They are all known as Electric Pokémon.

Since Pokémon Yellow, Zapdos was given an extra toe pointing forward on each foot, giving it three.

Zapdos is based on the native American legend of the thunder bird.

The name ‘Zapdos’ is a combination of Zap and Dos, Spanish for two. The two meaning the second legendary bird.

In French Zapdos is called ‘Electhor’.

Zapdos and Jolteon have very similar names in Japanese: Zapdos is サンダー (Thunder), while Jolteon is サンダース (Thunders).

Zapdos’s National Pokédex number is #145.

The height of a Zapdos is 1.6m (5’03”).

The weight of a Zapdos is 52.6kg (116lbs).

Zapdos appeared in the second feature-length Pokémon movie, The Power of One.

When Zapdos is sighted, which is a rare occasion; it's often during electrical storms.

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