Jamie Ward

The Nativity Play Vs The Biblical Account

Perhaps the most well-known story of the New Testament, Jesus’ birth has inspired many people to write plays, poems, stories and films. As this story has been told, and retold so many times, the truths start to get a little distorted over time, and common believe and myths start to enter. Is there any truth […]

13 Interesting Facts About Ducks

Ducks may the more familiar birds known to us, but if you think about it, what facts do we actually know about ducks? Find out here! Ducks feet has no nerves or blood vessels, meaning that their feet do not feel the cold! This enables ducks to swim in icy water, and walk in ice […]

The Aurora UFO Incident

One morning in early spring 1897, there were a number of reports stating that a UFO had crashed into a windmill owned by a local judge in the small town of Aurora, Texas. These reports also indicated that along with the crash was a pilot described as being “out of this world” who had died […]

How Much Does A Shadow Weigh?

If you have ever thought about the weight of your shadow, then first, you probably have too much spare time on your hands; and secondly, you should check out this video below! If we can figure out the answer to this question, maybe we can figure out how difficult it was for Peter Pan to […]

Facts About The Garden Of Eden

According to the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis, the Garden of Eden was an earthly paradise where the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, lived. Genesis has the main story of the Garden of Eden, but other Old Testament books reference it, such as Ezekiel and Isaiah3. The meaning, and the history […]

10 Interesting Facts About The Planet Neptune

If you enjoy random knowledge, space facts and more specifically, the planet Neptune, then you’ll love these top 10 facts about this planet. Neptune is the most distant planet in our solar system. When Neptune was first discovered in 1846, it became the most distant planet in our Solar System. Then just 84 years later, […]

20 Facts About the Color Pink

The color pink is symbolizes joy and happiness. Pink has been used on prison walls in order to reduce the erratic behavior of inmates. If you like these facts, or if your favorite color is pink, then you're going to enjoy these 20 interesting facts!

15 Funny Facts About Laughing

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, it’s a great way to make you feel good and be happy. Here are fifteen facts about laughing for you to enjoy! A healthy laughter can help you to reduce pain and prevent infections. It has been seen that there is a considerable drop in the levels of stress hormones […]

21 Awesome Facts About Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is often one of them bucket list goals that many people have. And for good reasons, dolphins are beautiful creatures, and very intelligent! If this is something on your bucket list, you should check out these top 21 awesome facts about dolphins! An average sized dolphin can easily jump up to 20 […]

18 Interesting Facts About Koalas

Did you know that Koalas, or Koala Bears, are not actually bears as many people believe?! They’re actually more closely related to kangaroos and wombats! Check out these 18 fun and interesting facts about koalas & learn something new! Koalas are only 25 to 35 inches long, and weigh just 30 pounds or less! A […]

15 Crazy Facts About Nicki Minaj

The top fun facts about the amazing American rapper, singer and songwriter, Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj’s full name is Onika Tanya Maraj. Nicki was born on the 8th December, 1984 at Southside Jamaica Queens, New York. She is of African, Trinidadian and Indo-Asian descent. Now that’s a nice mixture! Minaj has brown eyes. She is […]

Facts About the May Day Celebrations

The first day of May is known as “May Day”, and is a time to celebrate the coming of Summer. Some of the traditional English celebrations include Morris Dancing, crowning of a May Queen, and of course, dancing around a Maypole! Of course, everyone knows this, but here’s a small collection of interesting facts about […]