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Interesting Facts on Poker, Bluffs and Lying

Poker is definitely one of the most competitive games out there, may it be live or online, as the game heavily requires life, or should I say lying, skills in order to win the game – most of the time. Below are some of the interesting facts about how people may use those skills when competing in the game (and some bonus facts about lying in general).

Classic Poker Tells

  1. Leaning forward or backward – generally indicates a strong hand.
  2. Suddenly bolt upright – when a player sits slouchy or relaxed and then suddenly sits bolt upright, this could only mean that he has a strong hand like a pair of aces, queens or kings.
  3. Being cocky – a player starts talking to you in a hand telling you to fold means he has the nuts.
  4. Beware the distracted – when a player seems to be not paying too much attention to the game, like chatting to another player or half-watching the TV, chances are he’s not bluffing.
  5. Voice pitch is a reliable tell – a higher than usual voice when speaking implies a strong hand (probably he’s too excited), as does an unnaturally low voice as the player tries to compensate for this and over does it. This aspect of bluffing is pretty hard to control.
  6. The eyes can tell – pupil dilation is impossible to control, especially to non-brown colored eyes. This is a strong indication of a strong hand.
  7. Bluffers will always try to stare you down.
  8. Shaky hands mean the player has something – though this metric is only accurate to beginner-level players.
  9. How they stack their chips – pro-poker players do sometimes use this as a technique in fooling their opponents.
  10. Sweat – probably the biggest tell ever in the game.
  11. In online poker, screen names can tell who are a fish and a shark – Seductive girls name mostly suggests that the user is a good player pretending to be an amateur.
  12. Trash talking on chatbox more often than not means a player is bluffing.
  13. Pros use time zones to their advantage in Online Poker – for instance, if you’re playing in the US at night, it’ll be the early hours of morning in the Europe. Those guys are more likely to be playing while tired (may also be drunk and very prone to silly bluffs).
  14. Auto-raise/bet/check on the flop speaks volumes – auto-raising before the flop is a sign of strength 99% of the time for normal players, given that there’s only little benefit in bluffing this.

Interesting Myths about Lying

  1. People are not more likely to break eye contact when lying.
  2. People will not touch their face more while lying.
  3. The rate of blinking can indicate lying, but only if you know in great detail the person’s base blinking rate.
  4. When retelling a version of events, someone who is less chronological and seemingly misses out important details is actually more likely to be telling the truth.

Interesting Lying Facts and Statistics

  1. 84% of people think there is such a thing as an acceptable lie.
  2. 83% of women feel guilty after lying.
  3. 70% of men feel guilty after lying.
  4. 71% of people think it is fine to protect someone with a lie.
  5. 57% of people are happy to lie if they didn’t like a gift they’ve been given.
  6. 10% of people claim they are likely to lie to their partner.

Most Popular Lies made by Males

  1. I didn’t have that much to drink.
  2. Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.
  3. I had no signal.
  4. It wasn’t that expensive.
  5. I’m on my way.
  6. I’m stuck in traffic.
  7. No, your bum doesn’t look big in that.
  8. Sorry, I missed your call.
  9. You’ve lost weight.
  10. It’s just what I’ve always wanted.

Most Popular Lies Made by Female

  1. Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.
  2. I don’t know where it is, I haven’t touched it.
  3. It wasn’t that expensive.
  4. I didn’t have that much to drink.
  5. I’ve got a headache.
  6. It was in the sale.
  7. I’m on my way.
  8. Oh, I’ve had this ages.
  9. No, I didn’t throw it away.
  10. It’s just what I’ve always wanted.

The Biggest Lie that Online Users Make Every day:

  1. Clicking on “I agree with the terms and agreement”, when most of them didn’t really take the time to read the entire thing.

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