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50 Interesting Facts About India

There is no other land that conjures an image of colors, smells, bustling streets and stunning scenery like India. From the smell of spices wafting to the amazing sights like the Taj Mahal, wherever you go your senses are attacked from all directions.

Here we’re going to look at 50 facts about this beautiful Asian country.

  1. In August 2011, a post office was inaugurated in Dal Lake, Srinagar. This post office isn’t just any post office like one of the other 55,000+ others, this office floats.
  2. In 1861, the village Mawsynram is officially the wettest place in the world, receiving the highest annual average rainfall in the whole world.
  3. The Mumbai bridge; Bandra-Worli Sea Link cost $250 million and took over 25,000,000 hours to complete.
  4. Any companies with over 100 staff are required by law to consult the government over firing someone and are unable to do so if the government decline.
  5. The flying of a kite is illegal under a 1934 law, which classes kites as an aircraft – unless given police authority.
  6. The highest point in the country is 28,170 ft. (8,586 meters) in Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.
  7. The four tastes we have in western cooking; sour, sweet, savory and salty, becomes extended in India to include; spicy and astringent. Astringent substances can include a very dry red wine.
  8. The roads in India are capable of being wrapped around the world almost 120 times.
  9. Indians consume the most whiskey of any country; a whopping 50% of the entire world’s supply.
  10. Plastic Surgery could have originated in India with written proof of reconstructive surgery being done in 800BC.
  11. The left hand in India is deemed unclean as it would be used as a tool for splashing water to clean oneself after using the lavatory instead of toilet paper.
  12. Chess originates from the Sanskrit game chaturanga; the word actually means “four members of an army”.
  13. The Saffron in the Indian flag symbolizes sacrifice and courage, the white symbolizes truth and peace.
  14. The ‘wheel’ in the center of the flag is actually a Buddhist wheel of life or dharma chakra.
  15. In 100 B.C., the decimal system and the method of using 1-10 to displaying every possible number was invented in India.
  16. In 1987, the Indian cricket Fielder Sachin Tendulkar crossed the field to play for Pakistan when the team was short of players.
  17. In 1999, a goal was scored by India against Bhutan in 11 seconds.
  18. The Hindu calendar has 2 more seasons than the western 4, these are monsoon that comes just before autumn, and prevernal that comes after winter.
  19. Apparently the air in Mumbai is that polluted that 1 day’s breathing equates to 100 cigarettes being smoked.
  20. The national animal of India is actually an endangered animal; the Bengal Tiger. There are less than 2,500 Bengal Tigers in the entire world.
  21. Even though Cricket, a British introduction, is India’s most popular sport, the country’s national sport is hockey.
  22. An Indian restaurant in Bradford, U.K. seats over 800 diners in an old Chapel. This restaurant, the Aakash, is the largest Indian restaurant in the world.
  23. Coke is used as a form of pesticide in some areas of India including Chattisgarh due to the price being much lower than commercial pesticides.
  24. Raziya Sultana, a prominent figure in Indian history, was murdered in 1240 after being India’s first female leader.
  25. Initially a source of sustenance rather than praise, the national bird of India is the peacock.


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