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12 Facts About Oak Trees You Wood Not Believe

Oak trees are among the oldest nature species in the world, and there's no doubt a lot of fascinating things to learn about these ancient wonders. Even though you may see it as just a tree, there is a lot of fun facts about oak trees!

Tulip Mania – When Flowers Would Buy You A House In Holland

The Netherlands is certainly known for their tulips. These beautiful bulbs can get pricey, but you'll be thankful they aren't as expensive as they used to be! Find out what caused their worth to drop back down to a reasonable price!

Green Tea Production Journey: From Harvest to Cup [Infographic]

Green tea is a healthy & tasty habit practiced around the world. Its long journey from harvest to cup explains why it is the top-notch tea among tea lovers. Check out this infographic and find out about the stages of green tea production - from harvesting and processing to packaging and labeling.

30 Enchanting Facts About Yosemite National Park

Among the top 5 most visited national parks, Yosemite has a bountiful amount of natural beauty to offer. With endless locations to hike, rock climb, and camp in, Yosemite is a nature lovers dream! There’s more to this park than meets the eye, so here are 30 facts about Yosemite!

16 Festive Facts About Mistletoe

When the time comes to decorate your home for the holiday season, it simply wouldn't be complete without mistletoe. While holly, ivy and poinsettia can often be seen at this time of year, mistletoe has its own special place over the front door.

Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day | July 27

Who doesn’t love a reason to be weird? Well 27th July is Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day – the perfect day to be weird! Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day is a truly crazy day where you walk your houseplants around, so they can get to know their environment a little more. […]

Christmas Tree Facts and Statistics InfoGraphic

Christmas trees are a staple of the winter holidays! Even though we have one picture in our minds when we think of Christmas trees, there are actually different types. It may not even cross your mind when you’re trying to pick out the perfect tree for your living room!  Tree popularity varies as  well depending […]

A Few Fun Facts About Grass

If you have ever left your house before, you would have seen grass. Apart from cows eat it, what other facts are there to know about grass? There are over 6000 different species of grass in the world; some examples are rice, wheat, corn, oats and sugarcane. Grass is the familiar name given to the […]