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While our solar system only has 8 planets, the amount of planets in the universe is always growing. This basically means it is literally impossible to learn everything about every planet out there, which is mind blowing! But, here are awesome facts about what we DO know about planets!

5 Fascinating Facts About Saturn’s Rings

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Saturn, like the other gas giants in our Solar System, has rings - but the one thing that differentiates Saturn from his gaseous siblings is the sheer outstanding beauty its rings possess. Here we’re going to look at 5 mind-blowing facts about the big orange gas ball high above us.

When Were the Planets Discovered in Our Solar System?

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The first 5 planets of our solar system are very hard to date, being visible to the naked eye meant they were all identified long ago, but we do know their initial recorded date. Here we’re going to go through the date of each planet’s discovery, and some fun facts about each wonder.

Forty Fiery Facts About The Sun

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The Sun sits at the center of our Solar System, and at the center of our lives. It marks the passage of time for us, gives us light to grow food and its rays nourish the all the life on our planet – allowing us to thrive. Check out these 40 fun facts about the Sun!