Mike Robinson

10 Incredible Works of Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry (a.k.a. the Golden Ratio) consists of mathematical shapes and patterns in nature, religious structures and cosmology. Historian's search for these hidden forms. Here are ten incredible works of sacred geometry.

10 Interesting Facts About The NFL

The NFL is America's most popular sport with tens of thousands of dedicated fans showing up to watch their favorite teams play. The league has a long history, with lots of rule changes and team changes along the way. Check out this list of 10 interesting NFL facts!

8 Things Your Mind & Body Are Doing While You Sleep

You are probably well aware that your body requires sleep every night - ideally around seven to eight hours - to function properly and maintain your health. But we bet you didn't know these eight surprising things that your mind and body does while you snooze!

10 Crazy Facts About The NBA

Founded June 6, 1946, the National Basketball Association has seen a lot in its long history. As fans, we’re always hungry for NBA knowledge. So here we hand-picked 10 crazy facts about the NBA that you'll not want to miss out on!