16 Golden Retrievers Explain Atoms

I learnt all about atoms in secondary school and remember nothing about it. This is how schools should teach physics, it’d stick in my head for a lot longer! “A crack team of PhD-trained golden retrievers illustrate the structure of atoms – the particles that make up everything around you. They also show how atoms […]

Amazing Nintendo Facts

Here’s some amazing facts all about the Nintendo company, looking at facts about Nintendo’s gaming consoles, famous characters and games. To all you gamer geeks out these, these facts will be perfect to further your nerdy knowledge. For example, it’s shocking to think that Mario has appeared in over 200 games… Luigi must be jealous! […]

21 Amazing Facts About Fruit

Watch the amazing video on the most amazing fruit facts that you may have never known. Learn something new about your favorite fruit! Interestingly enough, a vegetable has no scientific definition, so a tomato can still be classed as a vegetable as well as a fruit. Watermelons, true to their name, are composed of a […]

The Hubble ‘Ultra Deep Field’ in 3D

Here’s a cool video that leads you through a quick history of deep field images and an interesting fly through of the Ultra Deep Field. Every galaxy in the image is in its correct distance as viewed from the telescope line of sight. It’s always incredible to see the advancements of science, and the Hubble […]

Some Facts About Owls

If you love owls, then you want to check out this interesting and creative video giving some bizarre facts about these nocturnal birds. If you get offended by cartoon bunnies getting eaten, then this may not be the video for you. Otherwise, get ready to fill your head with some fun owl facts! Even though […]