Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has evolved from surprising beginnings, dating way back to the Middle Ages. As such an old holiday, it’s impressively still embraced by lovers everywhere.

Discover the fascinating story that started it all, as well as traditions of today that carry on the history with these lovely facts!

100 Delicious Facts About Chocolate

Ah chocolate, the first love of every man, woman & child, it’s a temporary solution to every problem, from upset & anger to happiness & adoration. Here we’re going to look at 100 mouth-wateringly delicious facts about chocolate, and the joy it brings us!

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

It's a day which is celebrated in many countries around the world on February 14th, but how exactly did this loved-up holiday come about? If, like many other people, the only thing you know is that it's associated somehow with a mysterious Saint Valentine, there's plenty more you need to know!

A ‘Short but Sweet’ History of Chocolate

For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate is probably something you simply cannot live without. Even the take-it-or-leave-it types often find themselves struggling to resist the appeal of a Mars bar or a Twirl. But how exactly did chocolate come to be on our shelves today?