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Spin the donkey wheel to see some interesting facts about the hit television show LOST, including Jacob’s lists of facts on the characters & cast, polar bears and a certain non-dharma branded chocolate bar! If you’re a true Lostie, you’re going to love these heart-sinking LOST facts!

9 Best Star Wars References in LOST

Lost - one of the biggest shows to hit television, has a surprising amount of references to and Star Wars - one of the biggest movies to hit theaters. The die hard fans will pick up on these references easily, but those who aren't as familiar might be surprised by these credits!

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15 Facts About The VW Campervan

Ah the Volkswagen Campervan, from the T1 and the famous T2 through to the newest T6, this beautiful piece of machinery is up there alongside the great and most famous VW’s ever, including the Beetle. Here we’re going to look at 15 facts about this icon of motoring and camping.

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6 LOST Facts That Will Make Any Fans’ Heart Sink

LOST may be over, but it's not forgotten. Even after all this time since the show ended, LOST fans are still figuring things out and re-watching to uncover something else they didn't know. Today we'll look at 6 facts about LOST that will bring a tear to the eyes of any LOSTie. So get a box of tissues, read and weep.

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Facts About John Locke | LOST

If John Locke is your favourite character from the hit U.S. television show Lost, you should check out these top facts about the most mysterious character. Put your Lost knowledge to test & see how many you didn't know!

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