Valentine’s Day Statistics InfoGraphic

Valentine's Day is a lot like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it. However this infographic will appeal to you no matter what! If you love this romantic day, or have somebody to share it with, then you'll enjoy a look at these top Valentine's Day gift choices.

Facts About Marathon Running InfoGraphic

Running a marathon can be very rewarding and give you a great sense of achievement. Do you know the facts about what problems marathon runners fear the most and what injuries are the most common? Everyone has heard of “hitting the wall” – which is something that most marathon runners have faced. However this is […]

Sweet, Sweet Halloween InfoGraphic

If you're celebrating Halloween this year, either by dressing up, giving out chocolate or simply enjoying horror films, then why not spare a minute to check out these awesome Halloween statistics!

How Animals See The World InfoGraphic

Humans and animals see the world very uniquely from each other! Even though this isn’t something we think of a lot, it does pose some interesting thoughts on our perspective. For example, when we meet someone who is colorblind, we consider it as a unique and possibly unfortunate trait. However, there are some animals where […]

Eleven Crazy State Laws InfoGraphic

State laws can be controversial, especially for those who don't like talking about politics. However, there are some laws that are so absurd, that you can't help but scoff! No matter your political affiliation, there are still some things we can all agree on!

The Greatest Prison Escapes Infographic

You may be surprised to find out that many inmates escape prison every year. Though they are confined to a small area with no freedom, it is worrisome that these getaways occur with success. Check out this infographic about the greatest prison escapes!

The Psychology of Color InfoGraphic

Everyone has a favorite color. Interestingly enough, there is a science behind how each color makes you feel! Learn the facts on what colors to paint your home and why. From the office to dining room, you really can't go wrong following these tips!

The Facts About Poop InfoGraphic

Poo – it’s smelly, it’s silly, and everyone does it! This natural bodily function is a necessary and natural part of life, as goofy as it sounds.  Even though it’s not something people particularly like talking about, bathroom humor still comes up from time to time. When that time comes, if may just be your […]

The Rise Of Minecraft InfoGraphic

In the past year or so the sales of Minecraft have sky rocketed, and has become one of the most played games ever. But how did it all start? With how basic the graphics are, it’s majorly popularized by the concept of building your own unique 3-D world. Minecraft now makes a staggering $1 million […]

Fun Facts About Eminem InfoGraphic

Eminem has been among the top rappers for decades now. As a white kid Missouri with an unpretentious background, Eminem has made a notorious name for himself. With a distinct rapping style, it’s hard to not recognize his music whether you’re a fan or not! Like any celebrity, there’s a handful of super random facts […]

Christmas Tree Facts and Statistics InfoGraphic

Christmas trees are a staple of the winter holidays! Even though we have one picture in our minds when we think of Christmas trees, there are actually different types. It may not even cross your mind when you’re trying to pick out the perfect tree for your living room!  Tree popularity varies as  well depending […]

Computer Security Day: 30th November

The 30th of November each year is known as Computer Security Day. Check out the facts and the most infamous viruses over the past 25 years. It was started in 1988 to help raise the awareness of computer related security issues. Keeping your computer safe with an anti-virus and a firewall seems simple enough, right? […]