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Visualizing the Petabyte InfoGraphic

You’ve heard of Megabytes and Gigabytes and possibly even Terabytes, but what’s a Petabyte and how much information can it hold?  If it sounds like it’s a large amount of space – that’s because it is. With the increase of computer users constantly on the rise, it’s important to keep up with the needed storage […]

Google Street View – Where’s Wally?

March 2009, Google first launched its street view and for a bit of Googley-fun-ness, they announced that they have dressed a man as Wally (or Waldo as others may know him as) with a striped red and white jumper and hat. And of course like the Where’s Wally series, is hidden somewhere in crowd of […]

Most Common Google Searches 2009

Google has released its annual list of the most commonly searched words and terms in 2009. The Google zeitgeist lists show the most popular keywords made by British users in the last 12 months. For the second year in a row, Facebook is Google’s most searched term of the year. Here is this year’s list […]

Burgular Uses Victims Computer To Check His Facebook

Nineteen year old Jonathan Parker, of Fort Loudoun, Pennsylvania, was charged with daytime burglary after stealing two diamond rings and using the computer in the house to check his Facebook profile, forgetting to log off from the social networking site!

Real-Time World Statistics

I found a really interesting site today called worldometers, it shows real-time world statistics about the population, government & economics, society & media, environment, energy, health, food and water! It’s not an official government-run website, although the statistics have reliable sources and it claims to be really accurate.

Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Button

We see it every time we use Google, but how many of us actually use it? What exactly does the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button do? Read the facts! The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button takes users directly to the top search result; I’m Feeling Lucky is handy if you’re sure that the first result in the […]

Facts About Keyboards

Here’s some interesting facts about keyboards, not just our standard QWERTY keyboard, but we also look at some of the other types out there. Check out the facts! QWERTY keyboard On a normal QWERTY keyboard, the word ‘Typewriter’ is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the […]