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Chocolate remains to be some people’s biggest weakness while dieting – and for good reason! This mouthwatering goodness is loved throughout the world, though there is always the debate between milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Whichever you prefer, these facts about chocolate will have you reaching for the nearest candy bar in no time! You have been warned…

The Delectable History of Cadbury

Cadbury is one of the most popular chocolate brands around the world, and with good reason! Surprisingly enough, this huge company has humble beginnings that may surprise you. For example, did you know in the early stages, they sold more than just chocolate? Find out more of their history here!

100 Delicious Facts About Chocolate

Ah chocolate, the first love of every man, woman & child, it’s a temporary solution to every problem, from upset & anger to happiness & adoration. Here we’re going to look at 100 mouth-wateringly delicious facts about chocolate, and the joy it brings us!

A ‘Short but Sweet’ History of Chocolate

For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate is probably something you simply cannot live without. Even the take-it-or-leave-it types often find themselves struggling to resist the appeal of a Mars bar or a Twirl. But how exactly did chocolate come to be on our shelves today?

Interesting Facts About M&M’s

M&M's are colorful little sugar-coated chocolate pieces that have stolen the hearts of generations in over 100 countries. They're a popular snack at the cinema or on a picnic, and they're always there for you when you need that sugar rush. Check out these Interesting facts!

Top 100 Random Food Facts

Here we have a fantastic list of the top 100 random food facts, from fruit & veg, to chocolate and candy. If you love your food, these facts will satisfy your appetite!

The History Of Advent Calendars

Advent is the start of the Christmas season in Britain, it begins four Sundays before Christmas. Advent calendars are a countdown to Christmas Day, they start on the 1st December