Although cartoons are thought of as being for kids, there is a range of something for everyone in animation! From Bugs Bunny to Family Guy, it can be for the whole family to enjoy, or something to hide from your parents! Here are the best facts about the coolest cartoons!

Pokémon: 26 Raichu Facts

For die-hard Pokémon fans there will always be countless bitter debates raging on until the end of time. Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle? Pikachu or Raichu? For me it will always be Raichu. He's bigger, beefier, and he has that 'come at me bro' attitude that a Trainer needs on their team.

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Pokémon: 25 Slowbro Facts

Slowbro is a vacant-eyed pink coloured Pokémon with another Pokémon attached to his tail. Slowbro isn’t a very intelligent Pokémon and even has the same empty stare as Psyduck and Jynx. Slowbro has more to it than it’s lack of brain power and a silly expression. Here are 25 fun facts about Slowbro.

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Facts About Adventure Time

'What time is it?' I hear you cry, (well, not really, but bear with me) it's Adventure Time! One of Cartoon Network's undeniable successes, created by Pendleton Ward; Adventure Time

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