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What family doesn’t love a game of Monopoly? Actually don’t answer that, we all know the banker tries to steal money! Whether you’re a fan of classic board games or fun card games, here you’ll find some truly interesting facts to suit your gaming needs!

Fun Facts About Hawaii 2, Maine

The number 2 is more important that you might think, because we're not talking about the beautiful island of Hawaii, home to Honolulu and some of the world's most gorgeous beaches. Hawaii 2 consists of just six acres of land, and is located in St. George Lake, Maine, USA.

Interesting Facts About Chess

Some are huge fans of this game, obsessing over the tricks of getting the opponent into checkmate in the quickest possible time frame. Others simply couldn't care less, while there are some who haven't got a clue how to play this popular board game. Whatever your opinion of chess, there's no escaping the fact that it has a fascinating history & boasts some pretty interesting facts.

30 Fun Facts About Scrabble

Scrabble is one the biggest selling and most popular board games of all time. Hot worldwide, among the old and young, Scrabble sure is a heavy-hitter in the board game

The History Of Twister

Did you know the original name of the Twister board game was Pretzel! Well if you want more facts on Twister, you've come to the right place! Twister was based