With around 10,000 species of birds, there’s almost nowhere on the planet that they can’t be found!

Do you have a favorite type of bird? Or do they just annoy you in the early morning? Any why do roosters crow in the morning anyway? Let’s find out that, and more!

30 Colorful Facts About Parrots

Parrots are definitely among the most colorful birds out there. Known for their ability to talk back and sit on pirate’s shoulders, there’s a huge variety of these intelligent birds, which also means there’s a lot to learn about them! So check out these top 30 colorful facts about parrots!

30 Interesting Facts About Toucans

The toucan, the colorful creature we associate with so many things, from TV shows to beer. This bird symbolizes exotic creatures for so many people, and it's enormous beak only makes it more tropical. Here are the top 30 facts about the spectacular bird!

5 Animals That Get Drunk in the Wild

Drinking is one of mankind’s oldest pastimes. Did you know that the world’s oldest known recipe is one for beer? That’s right; alcohol has a long history and a great significance in mankind’s modern society - but what about in the animal kingdom? Well, lets take a look!

Cassowary Facts – The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

Did you know the third largest bird to currently walk our Earth is the cassowary? They can reach up to 6.5 ft (2 meters) in height and can weigh nearly 133lbs (60kg) - that is the same weight as the average person. They're also the most dangerous bird in the world!

25 Funky Facts About Turkeys

If you are looking for facts about turkeys, look no further, here are some interesting turkey facts that will have you gobbling for more! A turkey is the relation of