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151 Pokémon Facts From Bulbasaur to Mew

Today I give you a large list of Pokémon facts, in the order given by the National Pokédex, all the way from #1 – Bulbasaur to #151 – Mew. Bulbasaur is the only unevolved dual type starter Pokémon. Ivysaur is the only Generation I Pokémon whose name begins with the letter I. Venusaur is a […]

Marge Simpson Had Rabbit Ears! | The Simpsons

Matt Groening named Marge Simpson after his mother Margaret Groening. Marge’s hairstyle was inspired by Elsa Lanchester in Bride of Frankenstein. It was also the style that Margaret Groening wore during the 1960’s, however it wasn’t blue. Originally, Marge Simpson’s hair style was designed that way because the creator, Matt Groening wanted to reveal in […]

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Statistics

Poker can be a fun card game for the family, or a serious competitive game in which the steaks can be so enormous, even selling your house wouldn’t cover the costs. There are many variations of poker, with Texas Hold ‘Em being the most popular worldwide. Below are a whole bunch of poker facts and […]

Interesting Facts About Sly Cooper

The Sly Cooper franchise is one of the most critically acclaimed single player platform games around. Released on the PlayStation 2, Sly Cooper has remained there until the first three games were re-mastered for the PlayStation 3. They are now part of the Classic Collections series. 2002 saw the release of Sucker Punch Productions new […]

Interesting Facts About Crash Bandicoot

Crash came to life thanks to the expertise of the Naughty Dog team, who went through many decisions and arguments over the game. Originally, they planned to name the game “Willie the Wombat“. After many team meetings and developments, Crash Bandicoot was released to critical acclaim. As the popularity increased, more games followed including; Crash […]

Facts About The Fourth Generation Starter Pokémon

Once again, Ash was alone as he arrived in the new Sinnoh region on his search to capture even more Pokémon. He met a determined Pokémon Coordinator Dawn, who aspired to become the best, like her mother Johanna. Brock, as usual, returned to Ash. Welcome to the Sinnoh region. We hope you will find your […]

Facts About The Third Generation Starter Pokémon

Ash Ketchum was alone as he arrived in the Hoenn region on his search to capture Pokémon and be a trainer. It wasn’t long before he met Pokémon Coordinator May, and her little brother Max, who became a friend to all Pokémon. After leaving, Brock returned to the group. Welcome to the Hoenn region and […]

Amazing Facts About Your Favorite Bingo Game

More and more people are getting hooked with playing bingo game, either from bingo halls or online bingo sites. Everyone is going nuts about it and today let me share to you some amazing facts about bingo. About The Bingo Cards Who invented the bingo cards? Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toys salesman hired […]

Facts About The Second Generation Starter Pokémon

Following the popular anime Pokémon, Ash Ketchum journeyed from the Indigo Islands to the Orange Archipelago. Yet it was Johto region where he, Misty and Brock met the three new starter Pokémon. And so will you. Who will you choose in the Johto regions? Chikorita Chikoria is the first grass starter in the Johto region. […]

Facts About Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and Clank are two of the most critically acclaimed gaming teams of the 21st Century, alongside rival games Jak and Daxter. Bursting onto the single player platform gaming scene in 2002, the Insomniac gaming company brought us an unlikely mechanic and his robot sidekick, all in the science fiction genre. Sony Computer Entertainment America […]

Facts About The Original Starter Pokémon

There have been a multitude of Pokémon games since the franchise began in 1996. As a trainer on these games, you will be asked to choose a starter Pokémon – unless your name happens to be Ash Ketchum, in which case you will be late for your meeting with the Professor and you will get […]

Facts About the Jak and Daxter Games

Jak and Daxter are two of the most critically acclaimed gaming teams of the 21st Century. Bursting onto the platform gaming scene in 2001, the Naughty Dog gaming company brought us a heroic mute teenage boy and his eager, talkative companion. Sony Computer Entertainment America and Naughty Dog are the people to thank for hours […]