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Kite Facts

Fun Facts About Kites & Kite Flying

Kites have been around for a long time and flying them is a classic favorite pastime for kiters and family's alike. Who doesn’t enjoy watching them fly high in a slight breeze on a nice summer’s day? Here are some cool kite facts you’ll love.

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Extreme Ironing Cliff

Facts About the Extreme Ironing Sport

Extreme sports certainly are a way to make sports even more interesting than they already are but here's one you might not have heard of before "extreme ironing" how about that? Could you be the world's next champion ironer while skydiving or surfing? Let's find out more about this crazy sport.

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World Record for Paper Plane Flight

World Record For Paper Plane Flight

Remember making those paper airplanes when you were a kid? I was never very good at getting them to go far, but some people make a sport out of it. Ever wondered what the longest record is for paper airplane flight time? Let’s find out.

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Twister Facts

The History Of Twister

The Twister family game was invented in 1966 and is still an incredibly popular and top-selling game. But where did it come from and who came up with the idea? Let’s took a look at the history of Twister together.

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Why 18 Holes in Golf?

Why Are There 18 Holes In Golf?

Did you ever wonder why there are exactly 18 holes in a game of golf? Why not 20 or 15 or something else? 18 seems like such an odd number. You’re in the right place as we are going to try and answer this very question right here.

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Facts About Barbie Doll

Facts About Barbie

Barbie was first born on March 9, 1959. The company that created Barbie was the American toy company called Mattel Inc. The Barbie doll is probably the most famous doll ever created. If we are already bringing back memories for you keep reading these Barbie facts.

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Rubicks 360

Rubik’s Back With A New Puzzle: Rubik’s 360

The Rubik's 360 may have the same name as the Rubik's Cube but do not be fooled! This 360-degree puzzle game looks totally different and will have you lost for hours! If you loved the cube and you're up for the challenge why not try it out?

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Tennis Scoring System

Tennis Scoring System

The tennis scoring system can seem a bit confusing at first. The game has all those jargon words many of us know but lack the understanding of the meaning of them. This post will arm you with the knowledge perfectly before your next game.

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