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We spend so much time focused on our own lives down here on earth that we often fail to notice the beautiful and wondrous things not on this planet. Our seemingly limitless universe is filled with truly astonishing things, and here at The Fact Site you can learn all about them!

You’ll learn unique facts such as there are only fourteen black holes we’ve identified in space or that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is around a hundred thousand light years wide! Continue reading to find out more about our solar system, the planets inside of it, and the rest of the universe!

Facts About The Saturn Hurricane

The hurricane-like storm on Saturn is one of NASA's most compelling factual discoveries about a planet within our solar system to-date. First sighted by the NASA space-craft Cassini, this huge

The Aurora UFO Incident

One morning in early spring 1897, there were a number of reports stating that a UFO had crashed into a windmill owned by a local judge in the small town

Top 100 Interesting Facts About Space

Space has fascinated man since the very beginning, there’s a whole universe of mystery and beauty still waiting to be discovered. But not all of it is a mystery, here we’re going to look at the top 100 interesting facts about space that are truly out of this world!