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Both fashion styles and the concept of beauty are things that change with every season and that differ greatly from various cultures. Not only are past fashion styles obscure and next to laughable by current standards, but simply crossing into a new state or a new country can lead you to encounter fashion styles that are so completely different from your own.

Here at our Fashion & Beauty section at The Fact Site you will find amazing facts not only about the past, such as when and why cowboy boots came in style, but also about modern day facts such as five facts about bikinis, Halloween and the world’s biggest slipper! Check back regularly to see what new facts we’ve got published for your enjoyment!

Vestiphobia – The Fear of Clothing

You've probably heard of Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), and even Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), but vestiphobia is the irrational fear of clothing. Sounds strange right? But what causes vestiphobia or how to you overcome the fears? Learn the facts here!

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The History of Bella + Canvas

Bella + Canvas is a clothing company which seeks to put the earth and environment first while manufacturing quality clothes. Their mission includes giving the world clothing which feels great, looks great and has been made in an ethical and humane way.

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The World’s Largest T-Shirt

It’s more than six times the length of a double-decker bus and larger than some football pitches. You’d struggle to find somebody to fit the world’s largest t-shirt, but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining the attention of people all over the world.

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The History of ASOS

In 1999, two ordinary British men had the bright idea of starting a fashion business which copied the trending styles and designs worn by popular celebrities. But how far has it progressed over the years? Check out the history of ASOS!

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Differences Between Retro & Vintage Clothing

A lot of people are unaware of the differences between vintage and retro clothing, but if you want to impress your stylish friends at the next social event, why not learn the meanings of each word! They both have similarities, but there are important differences you should know...

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The History of American Apparel

With more than 270 stores across 19 different countries, American Apparel gradually became one of the largest clothing manufacturers in America. So if you love their clothing range, you may enjoy knowing the fascinating history behind American Apparel.

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A Brief History of the Onesie

Onesies, which are essentially adult jumpsuits or pyjamas, date back further than you may think and have a pretty interesting history. Pyjamas were first introduced to Britain in the 17th

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