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The justice system seeks to bring order and stability to a world that, otherwise, would be in constant chaos. As it turns out, there are actually quite a few contradictions and absurd laws that simply make a mockery of the entire system! Laws still in place such as “you cannot carry a plank along the pavement” or “you’re not allowed to be drunk in a pub” are found in the UK, while the USA is possibly even stranger with laws preventing things such as eyeball selling in Texas or bear wrestling matches in Alabama! Learn more about the crazy laws in place, and the even crazier people who break them here at The Fact Site!

Which State Produces The Most Serial Killers?

Worried you'll be a victim of the next Charles Manson? Find out where you're safest - and where you're not. Of course, living in fear is never a good thing, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to know the facts! So which state produces the most serial killers and why? Find out!

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