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Michelle Gabriel is a freelance writer and blogger and currently loving it! Her primary focus and passion is traveling, which she does full time and continues to be her preferred topic when composing articles.

40 Astonishing Facts About Disneyland

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, has been popular since before it even opened! Visited by millions of people from around the world each year, the only way to go with this magical place is up. Find out more about this magnificent adventure park with these 40 awesome facts!

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30 Facts About The Battle of Hastings For Kids

One of the most important battles in English history remains to be the Battle of Hastings. Even though it took place almost 1,000 years ago, it changed the future of England. But how much do you know about this fight? Check out these 30 facts about the Battle of Hastings!

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30 Gandalf Facts To Rule Them All

As one of the most beloved wizards, there's more to Gandalf than one would think. Despite his elderly appearance, there is much more to this wizard than the movies were able to convey! So check out these 30 facts about Gandalf to give you more insight to this wise wizard!

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