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Anum Yoon is the founder of the millennial money blog, Current on Currency. Writing is her passion so she loves writing about anything and everything that piques her interest.

30 Facts About Snakes That Will Rattle Your Mind

"I hate snakes." When Indiana Jones uttered those fateful words at the beginning of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', audiences cheered. We're totally with you, Indy. For all their slithering, sliminess, snakes are fascinating creatures. They'll be even more so when you check out these 30 snake facts that will rattle your mind!

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30 Wacky Facts About Greece

You won’t find these facts in any guidebook or on your favorite travel app. So, before you catch that plane to the Greece, check out this list of wacky facts about this great country, and come prepared to win at pub night trivia!

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