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100 Cute Facts About Cats & Kittens

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They’re cute, furry and one of the most popular house pets in the Western world. They may be quiet and fond of their alone time, but there is much more to felines than meets the eye.

  1. Americans really love their pet cats. There are approximately 14 million more house cats than dogs in the US.
  2. Male cats are called toms and females are called queens or mollies.
  3. The saying, ‘A cat always lands on its feet’ isn’t just an old myth. Some cats have fallen more than 320 metres onto concrete and come away unharmed.
  4. There’s a reason why cats are likely to survive high falls – they have more time to prepare for the landing.
  5. It’s not a flock, it’s not a herd – a group of cats together is known as a ‘clowder’.
  6. According to statistics, cat owners are healthier than those without cats. The risk of heart attack is cut by a third among people who have a pet cat.
  7. Just as a dog’s bark has several different meanings, a cat may purr because it is nervous, happy or feeling unwell.
  8. It’s common knowledge that cats are fans of milk, but many of them are lactose intolerant. This means that they are actually allergic to milk.
  9. Garfield, the lasagne-loving feline, was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most widely published cartoon.
  10. Cats are thought to be pretty smart, and with a brain 90% similar to the human brain, it’s no surprise.
  11. When Abraham Lincoln was US President, he had four pet cats which lived with him in the White House.
  12. Felicette was the first feline to make a trip to space. She luckily survive the mission and was nicknamed ‘Astrocat’.
  13. If you think of yourself as a ‘cat person’, you’re among 11.5% of people in the world.
  14. If you’re a male with a pet cat, you’re more likely to find true love. This is due to the fact that people view cat owners are kind, trustworthy and sensitive.
  15. The record for the largest number of kittens in the same litter was 19.
  16. Over her lifetime, a cat called Dusty had a total of 420 kittens.
  17. The oldest cat to give birth to kittens was called Kitty. She was 30 years old when she birthed her last kittens.
  18. Bagpuss was a 1999 TV show which featured an old cloth cat. In 2001, it came fourth in a poll of the greatest kids’ TV shows.
  19. While people dote over their cats in the West, around 4 million cats are killed and eaten over in Asia.
  20. There are about 70 different cat breeds and a staggering 500 million pet cats in the world.
  21. Ancient Egyptians worshipped a goddess who was half cat and half woman.
  22. In Ancient Egypt, civilians would suffer a severe punishment if they hurt a cat.
  23. Ever noticed your cat sleeping most of the time? On average, cats sleep for about 16 hours per day.
  24. Kittens sleep even more often, since growth hormones are released when they are napping.
  25. The front paws of a cat are different from the back paws. They have five toes on the front but only four on the back.
  26. Some cats are known as ‘polydactyl’ and have extra toes. Some polydactyl have as many as eight toes per paw.
  27. Unlike dogs, cats have no sense of what is sweet. No wonder they never seem happy with cakes!
  28. Did you think the cat flap was an ultra-modern idea? Isaac Newton is credited with the invention of the cat flap – something which most cat owners now have.
  29. Isaac Newton himself had a cat called Spithead, which influenced his invention. Spithead went on to have kittens, who all got their very own cat flap.
  30. Many cat owners take their pets to the vet to be neutered, and by doing so, increase the life expectancy of their pets by 2-3 years.
  31. Cats can see very well in the dark, which explains why they are always wandering around at night.
  32. Adolf Hitler hated cats, so there’s another reason why you shouldn’t like him.
  33. Taurine is an amino acid which can be found in cat food. Without this substance, your pet cat would eventually go blind.
  34. House cats can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour.
  35. The kidneys of a cat are quite amazing, since they can filter water before using it. This means that a cat can drink sea water and the salt will be filtered out.
  36. Those cute furry bits inside a cat’s ear are called ‘ear furnishings’. They ensure that dirt doesn’t go inside and also helps them to hear well.
  37. Cats have a great sense of hearing and can hear ultrasonic noises. They could potentially hear dolphins.
  38. It’s not just humans who are right-handed or left-handed. Most female cats prefer using their right paw, while male are more likely to be ‘left-pawed’.
  39. A ‘haw’ is the third eyelid of a cat, which can only be seen when the cat isn’t well.
  40. They might have an extra eyelid, but they don’t have any eyelashes.
  41. The original version of Cinderella in Italy featured a cat as the fairy godmother.
  42. Dogs make 10 different sounds, while cats can make as many as 100 different noises.
  43. Cats seem like such sweet creatures, but approximately 40,000 people suffer from cat bites every single year in America.
  44. When you see a cat rubbing up against a human, it is being affectionate but also marking its territory to make other cats aware.
  45. The cat family consists of many different animals, but the largest is the Siberian Tiger, which can be as large as 12 feet long.
  46. The black-footed cat is the smallest wild cat, at just 20 inches long.
  47. The wealthiest cat ever was Blackie, a multi-millionaire. It owned £15 million after its rich owner died.
  48. London was the home of the first ever cat show. It took place in 1871 and started a trend which has continued ever since.
  49. While cats like to catch mice and eat them, it’s not necessarily a good meal. They can contract tapeworm through eating these rodents.
  50. Cats’ hearts beat at a rate of 110-140 beats per minutes – around twice as fast as the average human.

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    RIP, we feed our cats meals, I wouldn’t say “small” meals, but like 2-3 handfuls. We do that about or 2 times per day, depends if our cats eat it or not.

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