Google has released its annual list of the most commonly searched words and terms in 2009. The Google zeitgeist lists show the most popular keywords made by British users in the last 12 months.

For the second year in a row, Facebook is Google’s most searched term of the year. Here is this year’s list of the Google’s top ten searches.

  1. Facebook
  2. BBC
  3. YouTube
  4. Hotmail
  5. Games
  6. eBay
  7. News
  8. Google
  9. Yahoo
  10. Bebo

One thing that confuses me with this list is why people would search Google for “Google” – You’re on it.

Although this is official, I wouldn’t really class Facebook as something you would search for, because you’re not searching for Facebook, you’re just too lazy to put .com at the end. So in my opinion the top two actual searches of 2009 are Games and News – as that wouldn’t lead you to the one specific site you want.

Here’s a list of the fastest rising search queries of 2009:

  1. Facebook login
  2. Jogos
  3. eBay uk
  4. Yahoo mail
  6. BBC iPlayer
  7. Hi5
  8. Stephen Gately
  9. Bing
  10. Spotify

Finally here are the top 10 biggest stories in the UK this year.

  1. Swine flu
  2. Susan Boyle
  3. Jade Goody
  4. Robert Pattison
  5. Rihanna
  6. Michael Jackson
  7. Google maps
  8. Twitter
  9. Stephen Gately
  10. Iran