Cadbury’s Wispa bar was created in 1981 and cost only 16 pence. Sales began to fall in the 1990s and it went out of production in 2003 as Cadbury concentrated on other brands.

Cadbury decided to bring back Wispa last October after tens of thousands of fans across the country campaigned for its return on sites like Myspace and Facebook. It proved to be a success as they sold 41 million bars of Wispa in the first 18 weeks after it was re-launched.

A new campaign which calls for Wispa Gold to return has become another success! Wispa Gold contains a layer of caramel, to be reinstated, the company will return to the old recipe from 13th September 2009. Although it will only be a limited edition, I’m still looking forward to buying one!

Manufacturing manager Warren Smith said: “As a huge fan of Wispa Gold myself, I have a vested interest in re-launching the nation’s favourite chocolate bar and ensuring the cheeky layer of caramel is just right.

It’s amazing to see how many people love Wispa Gold and I feel very privileged to be involved in the re-launch of an old favourite.

The campaign from Wispa fans to bring back the bar has been incredible.”

Wispa Gold was originally launched in 1995, and then died in 2003 alongside the original Wispa. Hopefully it will become as popular as the return of the original Wispa and then hopefully Cadbury may think of keeping it out permanently.