So the French made something that I think is actually cool, I doubt Arachnophobics would agree with me somehow. It was built by French company called ‘La Machine’. I’m not a French expert, but I would guess that ‘La Machine’ translated to English would be ‘The Machine’.

Well this mechanical robot stands 15m high; it weighs 37 tonnes and surprisingly has eight legs. It has fifty axes of movement, so it moves as you would expect a real spider to move. The spider is made of steel and poplar wood and it is operated by twelve people strapped to its frame.

It walked the streets, and climbed the buildings of Liverpool last year in which tens of thousands of visitors arrived at Liverpool to see this creepy spider robot.

I would love to stand underneath it and have a photo taken, like hugging one of its legs or something, not many people could say they’ve hugged a spider leg.